Tom St George

Superstar programmer from way back. Cave diver. Problem-solver.

Tom St George has been developing websites since completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Multimedia Computing in 1995. He has previously worked as a senior developer at a number of award-winning web companies, including Yahoo! Europe, 365 Corporation and Eckoh Technologies in the UK. He also worked as a contractor for various clients including Saltmine Creative, 365 Corporation and Rivals Digital Media.

Before moving to contracting he served five years as the Senior Developer and Technical Lead at Shift, Wellington. His duties encompassed the full development lifecycle: technical analysis, solution definition, technical design, development and support.

He is currently working as a contract web developer and has worked on a range of freelance projects with Ali since 2008, as well as contracting for various New Zealand agencies such as Shift, Origin Design and Chrometoaster.

Tom is a well-respected web professional with a solid background in rapid application development. He has extensive experience with web and related technologies and brings a strong consultancy-based approach to all his projects. Focusing on custom application development and open-source Content Management Systems, Tom works across a range of platforms. His specialities include PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, XML, and JavaScript.

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