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Career snapshot

Career snapshot

I've been designing, building and developing award-winning websites since 1996. In that time I've worked on over 250 sites, ranging in size from 1 page to 100,000.

I've worked as both an employee and a contractor with many design and development companies including Badger Communications, Base Two, Chrometoaster, Codec/SYL, Communication Arts, Cue Design, CWA New Media, Datacraft, Designworks, DNA, Fairfax, Fronde, Heyday, inov8, Insight Consultants, Learning Media, Mission Hall, Optimation, Origin Design, Oryx Technologies, Pikselin, Plan A, Proximity, Shift, Topaz Solutions, Touchcast and Vertigo Design.

I have also designed and built many other websites for individual clients, often collaborating with other freelancers, under the name WebWeaver Productions. Find out more about Career snapshot

Why choose WebWeaver?

Why choose WebWeaver?

The defining characteristics of WebWeaver - in addition to producing beautiful, user-centered websites - are our expertise and experience, our reliability and trustworthiness, and our competitive pricing. Find out more about Why choose WebWeaver?

Meet the team

Meet the team

I started WebWeaver Productions in 1996 as a sole trader. In 2007 I began collaborating with other freelancers, and WebWeaver became an informal collective.

We are a small group of award-winning web professionals who work together on a wide range of website design and development projects. Between collaborative projects we do contract and freelance work for many of New Zealand's largest and best-known web design companies. We're passionate about the web, and bring a high level of expertise, professionalism and perfectionism to all our work. Find out more about Meet the team

Why I love my job

I have a perfectionist's eye for detail and strive for excellence in everything I do. I also love to learn. Web development is a wonderful combination of creativity and logic, and I see the development of every website as a puzzle to complete - how can I replicate this mockup pixel-perfectly and make it work as a functioning website with the tidiest possible code. I love that - I love working on a beautifully-designed website, turning that design into reality, and exceeding the expectations of the client. Find out more about Why I love my job

You can email me, call me, or fill in the online contact form. Please do - I'd love to talk to you about your web project and see how we can work together. Find out more about

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You're welcome to check out my LinkedIn profile if you like. Clicking this link will open a new browser window in which you'll be transported to LinkedIn. Just like magic :) Find out more about LinkedIn profile

Downloadable CV (PDF)

This is where you download the latest copy of my CV as a PDF. This PDF was last updated in April 2016, and is 318KB in size.

You can either view it in the browser, or download it and save it for later. You'll need Adobe Acrobat (available as a free download from the Adobe website) if you want to view the PDF after download. Find out more about Downloadable CV (PDF)