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Holmes Consulting Group - Client liaison, project proposal and quote, project management, scoping, information architecture, schematics, moodboards, design, XHTML, pure CSS, jQuery, accessibility compliance, CMS programming and integration, content-loading, testing, client CMS training, QA and ongoing support (SilverStripe CMS)

We design and build beautiful, logical, user-focused, custom-made websites for our clients.

Our approach to designing and building websites is simple. We listen to what you want, we make suggestions which will enable and/or enhance your aims for the site, and we aim to provide you with a website that is both beautiful and user-centered and which reflects your branding and your vision. Our HTML/CSS is flawless, fully tested in a wide range of browsers, platforms and devices, is fully validated and adheres to New Zealand e-govt standards.

We build sites with ease of use uppermost in our minds, and integrate our templates into an appropriate Content Management System (CMS) in a logical and user-friendly manner, aiming to replicate both the design and the HTML templates to a very high level of pixel-perfection.

Hi Ali & Tom! Thanks so much for your hard work. I really do appreciate the fact that you guys got it done, especially when you've got so much other work on... You are actually quite wonderful, thank you for doing this.

Lisa Long, Information Manager, Holmes Consulting Group (Holmes Consulting Group website, 2009 onwards)

You won't find a copy of the website we build for you anywhere else on the web, because each of our websites is unique - tailored and designed specifically for you, your company or organisation - and especially for your users. We don't do cookie-cutter websites and we don't mass-produce.

Lovely, thanks for your hard work Ali. Everything looks great, works and is very quick. Awesome. I have had excellent feedback on the website from clients and also from those in the industry - nice to see the directors of large multinational corporates getting jealous of what you've built for me!

Philip Stevenson, Director, Bloomsbury Associates Limited (Bloomsbury Associates website, 2010 onwards)

As a small web design company we focus on a more personalised approach than you will get from some of the larger agencies, which we see as a good thing. We develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients because we work with you on a one-to-one basis, and we listen to what you say. We see the web design process as a team effort – you are one half of the team, and we are the other. Effective and clear communication is the key to our success, as well as a passion for our work and a deep understanding of the web design process that comes from many years of experience in the industry.

Hi Ali, Tom and Shelley! Rave reviews about the website – including “best museum site in NZ" ...we think it is fabulous.

Kim Young, Marketing Manager, Museums Wellington (Museums Wellington website, 2010 onwards)

You will deal with the designer and developer directly, as we are also responsible for project management and client liaison - so you will be communicating with the people who are actually working on your website, rather than having to go through the layers of staff you would deal with at a larger design agency.

This speeds up the process and prevents the “Chinese Whispers” that sometimes occur when you have planning meetings with project managers who then have to pass on your requirements to the project designer and developers. It also means that when we meet with you we will be able to address your technical requirements directly and in detail – because we’re the experts when it comes to the technical aspects of designing and developing a website. We like to communicate regularly with our clients, so that we can clarify any questions, and so that we can quickly iron out any issues that may come up.

That's brilliant Ali & Tom! ...we're really pleased with the streaming, so thanks heaps for that. I hope you're as happy with the completed site as we are!

Teresa McGregor, Kaiwhakahaere Kirimana/Account Manager, Māori Media Network Ltd (Māori Media Network website, 2007 onwards)

Because we’re a small team working on a limited number of websites at any one time, you will find that we are able to focus all our energies and expertise on your website for the entire duration of the project. And because we work from home (reducing our overheads and therefore your costs) you'll be able to get hold of us any time, day or night.

Hi Ali & Tom! Bamford are so happy with their website - the images have just turned XX (Sales Manager) into a happy man. Thank you a million times for sticking with it and helping me get through this - you are both the best.

Noeline Cummings, Marketing Liaison, Cummings & Partners Ltd (Bamford Medical website, 2009 onwards)

We are more than happy to continue working with you once handover has taken place, because we see our relationship with all our clients as an ongoing process. You will find this is fairly unusual in the web industry - because the big money for the larger web design companies is in the design and build of new websites, rather than with ongoing maintenance and support. We, on the other hand, with our handmade and personalised approach, believe that launch day is just the beginning. We're proud of our websites and we want to help you to maintain and develop your site to its best advantage. We're with you for the long haul - if you'd like us to be.

Ali & Tom - thank you both for your efforts on getting me over the line on this deliverable. You are stars. Just so you know, the Board are very impressed with the website and love the clean lines etc.

Diane Horton, Executive Director, New Zealand Netherlands Foundation (NZNF website, 2012 onwards)

WebWeaver custom-built websites

Take a look at our WebWeaver websites and see what you think. These are custom-built websites we have designed and developed for our freelance clients (2006-present) - in chronological order, most recent first. Click to view a case study:

If you'd like to find out more about us, or would be interested in talking to us about building a website for you, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks Ali! Wow - looks great! I believe that all went really well – awesome. Thanks for reading my mind on a lot of it!! ...thanks for a tremendous effort and making all of extremely tight deadlines! I enjoyed working with you. You made it so easy for me with the DW templates, etc. Perfect.

Christian Evans, Web Adviser, Corporate & Community, Ministry for the Environment (Climate Change website, 2010)

Thanks Ali for all your fab work. Annie and I really like the News page and the way you've done the Gallery pages... This is brilliant. Thanks loads from Annie and me... you've no idea what this means to both of us. You're a true friend.

Shelley Masters and Ann Jasper (Ann Jasper website, 2010)