Looking after your website

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Kakapo Recovery - HTML updates, design development, content-loading, proof-reading and editing

With all the other demands of work, sometimes it's just easier to get someone else to look after your website for you.

We've looked after many people's websites over the years, and I am currently the webmaster of a number of websites, some of which have Content Management Systems (CMSs), and some of which don't. We've got extensive experience using a wide range of CMSs, so whether or not you have one, we can take care of and update your website for you.

I write for the web, edit and proof-read content, create graphics of all kinds, and do content-loading and QA testing before or after site launch. We can also add new elements and functionality to your website, as I'm also a designer and front-end developer and Tom's a CMS integrator and programmer.

Let us take care of your site for you, and we'll keep it looking as fresh and new as the day it was launched.

See our content-loading and webmaster case studies for more info.

Thanks very much Ali - for your kind words and for looking after the kakapo site so well! The pictures are great & will be even better in larger scale.
Kind wishes, Don

Don Merton, Kakapo Management Group, Department of Conservation (Kakapo Recovery website, 2003-2005)