Sue Quigley

Designer of beautiful websites. American Kiwi. Artist and Webby Award-winner.

Sue Quigley has been a professional web designer since 1998 and is considered an expert in the field.  Her speciality is creating an online identity that is true to your brand and vision.

Sue worked for AOL in the United States for eight years, starting off as a Graphic Designer and eventually reaching the position of Webby Award-winning Art Director in 2005. Her September 11 memorial received over 21 million page views and by the end of its first week online nearly 3 million visitors had lit virtual tribute candles on the site. Her consistent look and feel across a wide range of online and offline media for Holidays on AOL was featured in Brand Week magazine. As Art Director her 30 Days 30 Ways site garnered 18.5 million page views during the month of January 2006, and The Fridge received over one million page views in a single day in June 2006. Sue also orchestrated the complete redesign of AOL's online Diet and Fitness area, resulting in a 20% increase to 10.8 million page views by May 2006. Diet and Fitness won a Webby Award in 2005.

Sue was accountable for ensuring a positive user experience and performance of these online areas through appropriate UI and graphic design, and she conceptualised design solutions to meet business goals and promote traffic to products. She also ensured that the design aesthetics were in compliance with the visual expression of the AOL brand, and presented and successfully pitched design concepts to large cross-departmental teams and upper-level executives.

Sue art-directed her team of visual and UI designers in the creation of AOL Specials, including America Takes it Off!, Beach-Ready Boot Camp, StartUp2 online reality series and The Fridge franchise. She managed the build process of online areas and performed meticulous design QAs of live code. She also recruited and managed designers, interns and outside contractors hired for special projects.

Since emigrating to New Zealand in 2006 Sue has worked as Senior Interactive Designer at Intergen and Shift.

At Shift Sue conceptualised and designed websites for various corporate, non-profit and government clients across New Zealand. She brainstormed concepts, wrote creative briefs, rendered compelling designs and presented these clearly and persuasively to large groups. She produced multiple ideas and concepts under tight deadlines and various budget constraints, and was an integral part of the team’s brainstorming and collaborative design practices.

At Intergen Sue designed user-centred websites for a wide variety of corporate and government clients across New Zealand. She conceptualised a unique look and feel for each site that remained true to the client’s mission, reinforced branding and built a strong visual identity. She provided multiple design solutions under tight deadlines, and successfully presented and sold ideas to large groups of stakeholders. Sue also worked closely with developers to ensure that the website build matched her original design vision.

From time to time Sue collaborates with Ali on projects for WebWeaver Productions.  Sue has designed a wide range of iconic New Zealand websites over the past couple of years, including Wellington International Sevens, Rugby Hospitality Travel for IRB Rugby World Cup 2011, AMP, Mike Henry and The Salvation Army. She has also designed a number of Government websites including MidCentral District Health Board, State Services Commission Job Search site ( and New Zealand Historic Places Trust – Our Properties.

Sue says:

“I have helped numerous people, from multi-national corporations to small businesses, realise their online potential through creating world-class websites. My design style is broad and I have been successful in multiple sectors including entertainment, business, news, health, diet & fitness, kids, retail, sports, travel, financial services and more. I also understand the importance of a positive user experience and am skilled at balancing strong aesthetics with excellent usability.”

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