Size: 53 pages

My professional status: employee at Base Two

Website client: VOCO

Dates: May 2006

Categories: Client liaison, Project manager, Front-end developer, CSS-based layout, Other CMS, Medium sites

Brief: to build the VOCO website in HTML/CSS, and to place it within the Innovative Media Content Management System.

My responsibilities included:

  • Building the site in HTML and CSS
  • Recreating many of the graphics in Photoshop, as the design company was not experienced in web design and had supplied them as PDFs only
  • Accessibility and browser testing in a range of browsers on Mac and PC
  • Liaison with the company that designed the website (this was their first design for the web)
  • Overseeing and mentoring the work of my colleague who was learning HTML/CSS and was responsible for the initial input of content into the pages within the CMS
  • Liaison with Innovative Media - the CMS development company
  • Project management and client liaison during the final week of the project, and during the go-live phase.

In addition to my normal role of web developer on this CSS and CMS project, I was responsible for mentoring and training my colleague who was learning HTML/CSS and was inputting some of the content. My project manager was off sick for the last week of the project, so I also took over management of the final phase, liaising with the client on a daily (or hourly!) basis, summarising progress so far and detailing the content which still needed to be provided to us, and by whom. I was also in charge of ensuring that the go-live phase of the project went smoothly and that the site went live at the appointed hour.