TOPAZ Solutions

Size: 2 templates

My professional status: contractor at Origin Design

Website client: TOPAZ

Dates: August 2004

Categories: Front-end developer, Old-school table layout, Small sites

Brief: to build two robust HTML templates for the TOPAZ website, following a design by Origin, which could be used by the company's webmaster to build the whole site.

My responsibilities included:

  • Building the templates (HTML, content layout, graphics)
  • Liaising with Origin's designer to ensure that the page development matched his interactivity requirements
  • Cross-platform/browser testing to ensure the website layout worked properly for all users.

A small job, but heaps of fun as the design required some major table trickery. I really enjoy the challenge of fitting a complex design into a workable format, and ensuring that the site looks great on all platforms and browsers.