Size: templates for the 150-page site

My professional status: employee at Origin Design

Website client: Thonet

Dates: March - May 2003

Categories: Front-end developer, jQuery/JavaScript, Old-school table layout, Flash, Grand Central, Medium sites

Brief: to develop and build a series of Flash animations for the homepage and build the HTML templates for the re-designed Thonet site.

My responsibilities included:

  • Creating a series of Flash animations which would fit seamlessly into the Thonet homepage which I also built
  • Building the HTML templates for the re-designed Thonet site - architecture, HTML, graphics, JavaScript, CSS
  • Liaison with the programmer who was putting the site together in Origin Design's Grand Central CMS, ensuring that the fairly complex design would function as required once programmed.

Origin redesigned Thonet's website in 2003. I enjoyed building the HTML template pages for the programmer, as the design was quite complex with many rollovers and clever graphics. The finished site had a large products section, and it was important that my HTML templates could be easily integrated into this.