Revealing Gallipoli

Size: 7 pages

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website client: TV ONE

Dates: April 2005

Categories: Website designer, Small sites

Brief: to design a study guide for the TV documentary Revealing Gallipoli in Freehand which was then made into a PDF, and linked from TV ONE's website. The study guide was aimed at teachers who wanted to screen the documentary in their classrooms and use it as an educational tool.

Thank you so much for the great work with the study guide - as you will see from Chris' comments below it has been very well received - Diana

I think they have done a great job with the guide at short notice. It gives the teachers a springboard for activity, which is what the ministry suggest works best ...a good job well done! - Chris

Diana Schnauer and Chris Slater, TVNZ

My responsibilities included:

  • Design and layout of the study guide in Freehand, ensuring that my design would both look good as a PDF, and would also print clearly
  • Utilisation of screenshots from the documentary within the study guide
  • Creation of a PDF and adding active links within the PDF to external websites
  • Proofreading of document and fully testing the PDF.

I decided to base my design on the Art Nouveau style which was prevalent at the time of Gallipoli. I wanted it to be sombre and respectful, while at the same time beautiful. The frame design is similar to that used in silent movies, and the typeface is ParisMetro - a classic Art Nouveau font, inspired by the lettering of the Paris Metro stations.

A big and sincere thank you for creating the Gallipoli study guide within such an amazingly tight timeframe.

It looks good.
It reads well.
It leverages links and resources effectively.
It services a range of curriculum areas
It is a little treasure.

Many thanks for all the hard work :)

Jill Wison, Director, CWA New Media