PSA intranet

Size: 6 templates

My professional status: contractor at inov8

Website client: Public Service Association

Dates: October - November 2013

Categories: Front-end developer, CSS-based layout, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery/JavaScript, Sharepoint, Small sites

Brief: inov8 had been invited by the PSA to build their intranet in Sharepoint. They asked me to do the front-end development of the templates. I was responsible for HTML, CSS, jQuery, and browser testing.


  • Turned this project around in double-quick time - just a couple of days
  • Provided the developer with Sharepoint-ready templates that needed no tweaking for this rather finicky CMS - this was my first time working with Sharepoint.

My responsibilities included:

  • Liaising with the inov8 Sharepoint developer to ensure that I was building the templates in the modular, widget-based way that Sharepoint requires (where the website owner has the freedom to move and place modules/widgets wherever they like within the page)
  • Hand-coding in HTML5 and CSS3 (using Sublime Text 2 and Dreamweaver) to a reasonable level of accessibility
  • Creating graphics where necessary
  • Using jQuery to build the homepage calendar, and incorporating HTML5 shiv for IE8 support of HTML5 elements
  • Extensive testing of the site at all stages of the development process, and ensuring consistency across the following browsers and platforms:
    • PC: Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Internet Explorer IE8, IE9
    • Mac: Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), Safari (latest)

A nice little project, which came about because the designer was my old colleague from Shift, Nikki Lundie. She recommended me to the inov8 team, who got in touch with me. Thanks, Nikki!