New Zealand Olympic Committee

Size: 100 pages, 5.8MB

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website client: NZ Olympic Committee

Dates: January - June 1998

Categories: Project manager, Website designer, Front-end developer, Content-loader, Webmaster, Old-school table layout, No CMS, Medium sites

Brief: to build and maintain/update the site once the basic design was completed by another member of the CWA team.

My responsibilities included:

  • HTML encoding following templates created by designer
  • Ongoing maintenance and development of site
  • Rapid daily updating required during Nagano Winter Olympics
  • Ongoing client liaison.

Full-on deadlines, lots of content, a chance to develop someone else's design in the deeper levels of the site.


SODA award- 16 February 1998

Although this excellent site has much information about the Olympic Committee it's mostly the Nagano Olympic area which takes centre stage.

Spend a while on this site and see what a great job the CWA crew have done of the things that make web designing different than almost every other form of design.

Things like: varying the text colour of each page; animating icons; different background images on each page; varying link and vlink colours; super low file sizes.

Pluses: All of the above and more.