Millie Smith

Size: 10 pages

My professional status: employee at Origin Design

Website client: Millie Smith

Dates: February - May 2001

Categories: Website designer, Front-end developer, Content-loader, jQuery/JavaScript, Old-school table layout, Flash, No CMS, Small sites

Brief: to build the Millie Smith website and to advise the designer about the best ways to design for the web.

My responsibilities included:

  • Helping the designer to create the best design for the web, as this was one of his first website designs
  • Development of the design throughout the site (primarily the product pages)
  • Building the website - architecture, HTML, graphics, JavaScript, CSS
  • Completion of the Flash intro page animation, which had been started by the designer
  • Development of the graphics into a series of animations and rollovers which showed product details to their best advantage
  • Research into the best Flash detection JavaScript and incorporation of this into the website.

Millie Smith is a range of beautiful paper craft materials designed by Origin with Geoff Notman illustrations. We included a short Flash intro to show the beauty of the final product.