Living Heritage

Size: 250+ pages

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website client: Living Heritage/2020 Communications Trust

Dates: September - October 2004

Categories: Front-end developer, Govt web standards tester, Writing for the web, Content-loader, CSS-based layout, e-govt/WCAG compliance, eZ Publish, Large sites

Brief: to tidy up the Living Heritage site both on- and offline, and increase the level of consistency between different online projects within the website. Schools added these projects to the site using an online template. To update the site to include a number of new projects on the front page.

My responsibilities included:

  • Completing an audit of the online and offline versions of the site, and ensuring that these were exactly the same
  • Tidying up a number of projects and making these consistent with the online template
  • Adding new projects to the front page and inner index pages.

This was a large site with many school-driven projects. The tidying up of the site was ongoing and carried out whenever time and budget allowed.