Gambling Helpline

Size: 20 pages

Government status: funded by the Ministry of Health

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website client: Gambling Helpline New Zealand

Dates: February 2005

Categories: Website designer, Flash, Government websites, Small sites

Brief: to redesign the way that results were displayed within the Gambling Helpline's online assessment (built in Flash). The client felt that the existing method of display was unclear, and wanted a range of concepts from which they could select the final design.

My responsibilities included:

  • Brainstorming a range of 20 ways in which results could be displayed
  • Development of two of these ideas into concepts
  • Design Photoshop/Freehand mockups showing two variations for each concept
  • Extension of the selected design to show two concepts for the display of multiple sets of results (client history)
  • Providing the Flash developer with the separate elements in vector format.

The original concept was a kind of spider-web graph, which the client felt was unclear. Brainstorming the range of possible ways to dispay a set of results was interesting, as I had to ensure that the concepts were unbiased in terms of gender and culture. Once one of the concepts was approved, I provided concepts for the display of a number of sets of results on the same page, for the client history area.