Claremont Estate

Size: 140 pages

My professional status: contractor at Oryx Technologies

Website client: Claremont Estate

Dates: July - August 2004

Categories: Front-end developer, Content-loader, CSS-based layout, Flash, Dreamweaver templates, Medium sites

Brief: to tidy up the client's PowerPoint presentation and to turn it into a sub-site within the Claremont Estate site. To completely overhaul the existing website, following a new layout created by the designer. To make the site coding easily editable using includes as the site was fairly large.

My responsibilities included:

  • Tidying up the client's PowerPoint presentation - improving the "look" of it, and ensuring layout and style consistency from slide to slide
  • Creating a website from this PowerPoint presentation, so that visitors could view it even without the software
  • Complete HTML overhaul of the site following a new layout design - using library items and includes to make future editing easier
  • Complete overhaul of the CSS styles already in place, to improve efficiency and develop consistency of CSS throughout the site
  • Creation of a simple Flash animation for the top of every page.

This was the international version of the website - there was also a slightly different version for New Zealand visitors. Claremont was a fairly substantial site, with a large amount of written content. Part of the reason for the overhaul was to refine and reduce the content so that the site was more suitable for reading online.