Chatham Islands - Experience the Edge

Size: 30 pages

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website client: Chatham Island Millennium Committee

Dates: March - July 1999

Categories: Client liaison, Project manager, IA & UX, Website designer, Front-end developer, Content-loader, jQuery/JavaScript, Old-school table layout, No CMS, Small sites

Brief: to develop the design and build a website representing the clean green environmental nature of the Chathams, as well as ensuring that visitors had pre-booked their accommodation.

My responsibilities included:

  • Development of site architecture - including the creation of an accomodation booking "pathway" through the site
  • Development of initial homepage design from Photoshop prototype
  • Graphic design throughout the rest of the site
  • Building site (frames navigation, graphics, HTML, image maps, JavaScript)
  • Ongoing project management and consultation with clients.

The site was designed to look good on any sized screen, although the homepage looks teeny tiny now (desktop screens being considerably larger than 800 x 600px these days). At the time we thought it was quite a beautiful site, which I really enjoyed developing.


NetGuide NZ Site of the Month - December 1999

Overall an attractive, uncluttered site which should serve the islands well. The use of Moriori tree carvings as symbols to get to various sections from the home page is a nice touch.