HTML with PageMill

HTML with PageMill

My professional status: independent web designer/developer

Client: Mercury Communications, NZCTU, Finsec

Dates: May 1998

Brief: to develop and run a two-day workshop on behalf of Mercury Communications. This workshop was designed to teach employees of NZCTU and Finsec how to maintain, add content to and develop their organisations' existing websites.

My responsibilities included:

  • Development of the content of the workshops, which would teach an understanding of the use of PageMill in creating web pages
  • Teaching myself how to use PageMill so that I could teach its use
  • Development and authoring of the worksheets which would be used during the workshops and which could be kept as a reference
  • Organisation and facilitation of the workshops
  • Ongoing liaison with clients and students.

I really enjoyed this project. With a very tight deadline and heaps to teach, I developed a logical progression of skill development within each workshop plan. Running the workshops was a joy - we all had fun and the students came away being able to create their own pages, use tables and update their organisations' websites, which were frames-based. The feedback from the students was excellent and encouraged me to continue teaching HTML and web design.