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Transpower Grid Operators Log - UX design for a new custom-made application

I do Information Architecture and User Experience design for all our WebWeaver clients and projects. I've also been carrying out IA and UX work as a contractor since I first began designing and building websites back in 1996.

Back then, we were tasked with taking a website from its earliest scoping stages, right through IA, design, front-end development, content development and editing, content-loading and site building, browser testing, QA, and proof-reading - all the way to site launch. I've retained and built on my IA/UX skills since then, and have found that they come in particularly handy when I'm working on responsive websites. Being able to combine UX, IA, design and front-end development is a real advantage when it comes to responsive web design.

IA and UX are very important parts of the process, as the initial thinking and wireframing done during this phase is used as a design and functionality blueprint throughout the rest of the web development process. Getting it right at this point is vital.

I use Balsamiq for my wireframing and site-mapping. For UX design I use a combination of Balsamiq, some design mockups in Photoshop, and a lot of in-browser prototyping - especially for responsive designs.

I use a combination of my years of experience; an understanding of user behaviour through extensive user observation; online research; and a whole lot of common sense.

I am an approved supplier for DIA Marketplace in the Consultancy and Professional Services / Digital Experience Professional Services channel - under the categories of Information Architecture and User Insight.

See case studies of all my IA/UX projects

I design logical IA pathways and structure the content in a user-focused way. My UX design is sensible, logical, and easy to understand. I create websites that enable users to get where they want to go quickly and easily, while also allowing website owners to highlight and showcase the content that's important to them.

We are really pleased that you are staying on to finish the re-structuring. We couldn't do it without you!

Sue Walker, Research and Information Manager, Hillary Commission for Sport Fitness and Leisure (Hillary Commission project, 1999)