Transpower - National Grid

Size: 41 pages

Government status: State-Owned Enterprise

My professional status: employee at Origin Design

Website client: Transpower

Dates: September 2003

Categories: Client liaison, Project manager, Flash, Government websites, Small sites

Brief: to create and animate a series of Flash pages showing the development of the National Grid from 1913-2003. The main graphics had been created in Photoshop, with the completed maps for each year in Freehand.

My responsibilities included:

  • Creating the separate elements of the interactive Flash animation
  • Re-creating the Photoshop files and animating the Freehand maps in Flash
  • Animating the separate elements including the timeline, 20 New Zealand maps showing the development of the Grid lines across the country, the 20 detail pages, the front (loading) page and the navigation buttons
  • Working closely with the programmer who would link up the separate elements into the fully interactive Flash animation
  • Client liaison and consultation.

A beautiful Flash animation on a tight deadline. The project required careful management, both to ensure that we delivered on-time, and also to ensure that I was providing the programmer with exactly what he needed to easily complete the interactive animation.