Meadow Fresh Breakfast with the Stars

Size: 60 pages

My professional status: employee at Origin Design

Website client: Mainland Milk

Dates: February - April 2003

Categories: Website designer, Front-end developer, Content-loader, Old-school table layout, Flash, Database-driven (pre-CMS), Medium sites

Brief: to build and develop/maintain Breakfast with the Stars as a sub-site of the main Meadow Fresh website. The site promoted the annual schools' Breakfast with the Stars competition sponsored by Meadow Fresh.

My responsibilities included:

  • Building the site (architecture, navigation, HTML, content layout, graphics)
  • Redrawing in Freehand the character sketches created by our illustrator Ali Teo - so that I could use them to make animated gifs, graphics and Flash animations
  • Creating a Flash animation for the homepage - this advertised and graphically explained what Breakfast with the Stars was all about and showed kids how they could enter
  • Taking responsibility for the design, graphics and layout of event photo pages as we added these to the site, following the design style already developed for the site
  • Creating template pages for the prizes and spot prize winners pages, and ensuring that the HTML would easily dovetail into the database backend created by our programmer.

This site was active each year during the Breakfast with the Stars promotion, and was designed to advertise the event, enthuse kids who wanted to take part, and to show them how easy it was to get involved. After each event we put up photos showing kids meeting their rugby heroes. I always enjoy creating pages which need to link into a server-side or database backend - it's an added discipline which I relish.

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