Healthy Homes

Size: 1-page interactive Flash animation

My professional status: contractor at Origin Design

Website client: Contact Energy

Dates: March 2005

Categories: Project manager, Website designer, Content-loader, Flash, Small sites

Brief: to build an interactive Flash animation for the Contact Positive Energy website's Asthma Awareness Week campaign. The design was done in Photoshop and Freehand by Origin Design. It was my job to make it work.

My responsibilities included:

  • Figuring out how to make the animation do what the client wanted it to do
  • Creating the interactive animation in Flash, using Photoshop design files from Origin
  • Figuring out the large number of separate images, states and levels I would need within the animation, in order to achieve the required functionality
  • Developing the original artwork to include all these states and separate images, as they had not all been included in the original design
  • Writing the ActionScript required to achieve full functionality.

A tight timeline and a pretty complex animation. It's complex because of the knocked-back effect obtained when you roll over a section of the image, together with the dual functionality of the popup detail. I love Origin's design, so this was a pleasure to work on.

The ActionScript turned out to be quite tricky, and I got about halfway there on my own. At that point I called in the expert, who wrote the rest of the ActionScript for me. Thanks, Deirdre!

Interactive Flash animation