WebWeaver Productions

WebWeaver Productions

Link: webweaver.co.nz

Size: 320 pages

My professional status: independent web designer/developer

Website client: me

Dates: September 2000 - present

Brief: to design and build myself a website which would advertise my web design and other skills. My two target markets for this site are design companies looking for contractors or permanent staff, and small to medium-sized companies looking for someone to build them an excellent website with the minimum of fuss. It also functions as a portfolio site, providing a complete history of my web design and development work since 1996.

My responsibilities include:

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Development and HTML, CSS and jQuery
  • Writing and editing content
  • Everything else
  • Client liaison - I'm pretty easy to deal with - and I'm always around!

There have been many iterations of this site over the years. Often I'll revisit the site after a few weeks or months and something will be out of date, or I'll have decided I don't like the design any more. So I change it. Again. That's the joy of having your own website I suppose - it's an ongoing, ever-changing entity - and it also gives me a chance to try out new design ideas and techniques.

I'll be changing it all next week of course..... Just for fun. It's a never-ending process - and I love that.

The current pure CSS iteration has been built to New Zealand e-government accessibility standards in validated HTML 4.01 Transitional. The site is pixel-perfect in 8 different browsers on Mac and PC as follows:

  • PC: Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0; Firefox; Opera
  • Mac: Firefox; Opera; Safari

I'm currently (January 2015) working on a complete re-design and re-build of this website. It's going to be very different - the design is completely changing and it will be a responsive design/build in CSS3 and HTML5, designed for ease of reading in whatever device it's being viewed on. In addition, for the first time, the site will be managed via the Silverstripe CMS. My programmer Tom St George is currently integrating my new templates into the CMS, and once that's done I'll be loading content into the new site. Very exciting!