Te Reo Māori in Mainstream

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Size: 25 pages

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website client: Alice Patrick

Dates: May - August 2004, and June 2005

Brief: to design and build a multimedia Flash website which would replace an existing PowerPoint presentation. The client uses the website as an integral part of her education presentations around the country.

My responsibilities included:

  • Design of the website using the Ministry of Education document Teaching Te Reo Māori as my initial inspiration
  • Development of this to reflect aspects of Māori design and to maintain cultural requirements for the depiction of people on the site
  • Adaptation of duotone graphics to be used within the website
  • Building the website in Flash using ActionScript to enhance the interactivity
  • Very careful proofing to ensure that te reo sections and macrons had been entered correctly
  • Integration of video and audio clips within the website
  • Creating a complete colour version of the site on OHP sheets, which could be used in an emergency if the client's computer wasn't functioning during a presentation
  • Creating a complete version of the site as a paper (text-only) printout, which the client could use as handouts. I used PowerPoint to make this printout, as it produced a nice-looking set of handouts which the client can update or add notes to in the future
  • Advising both the project manager and the client about the design and cost implications of various alterations and developments of the original brief
  • Extensive additions/alterations to the site about 10 months after it had been completed (June 2005). The client had had a chance to see it in action by then, and had lots of new stuff she wanted to add.

I loved this project. This was the first time I designed and built a fully interactive Flash website and it challenged me in a number of ways. I needed to create a design which worked in a large-scale environment, as it is projected onto a screen for use during presentations. I wanted to reflect and honour aspects of Māori design within my design, and to maintain a sensitivity to cultural issues. I developed and built the site in Flash using ActionScript for a high level of interactivity, including the incorporation of video. Although I've done a great deal of Flash work, it had mostly been animations up to this point - "cartoons" with a fairly low level of interactivity. This site was great because it was fully interactive and so provided a step up in terms of Flash experience and difficulty level for me.