Monkey Records

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Size: 30 pages

My professional status: independent web designer/developer

Website client: Monkey Records

Dates: July - October 2000

Brief: to design and build the Monkey Records site as an e-commerce venture.

My responsibilities included:

  • Site scope - planning the pages, architecture and functionality of the site
  • Website design using as a starting point the front page photo provided by the client
  • Building the site - architecture, HTML, graphics, e-commerce section, CSS, JavaScript, popup windows
  • Incorporation of sound files into the website
  • Research and development of the e-commerce section where users could buy CDs from Monkey's recording artists
  • Client liaison.

This was the first e-commerce site I built. The functionality was simple and effective, allowing users to buy CDs online via a secure server. The design was inspired by the photo which the client wanted me to use for the front page.