Kiwi Recovery Programme

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Size: 250 pages, 10MB

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media and then independent web designer/developer

Website clients: Department of Conservation, Bank of New Zealand (sponsors), and Forest & Bird

Dates: January 1998 - October 1999

Brief: to build a framed website following a design created by another company. Levels 1 & 2 to follow design already laid down. Greater design freedom (whilst maintaining feel of site) in lower levels.

My responsibilities included:

  • Translation of a complex design in Photoshop into a workable framed site with a built-in search engine
  • Development of style and design
  • Creation of graphics, HTML, JavaScript, video and audio
  • Close ongoing liaison with both DoC and the BNZ during the creation of the website
  • Once the website was launched, I suggested areas within the site that could be developed, all of which I then created - these included Kiwi at Night, Weird & Wonderful Kiwi Facts, The Life-Cycle of the Kiwi and Kiwi Evolution
  • Research into, and writing the content of these new sections, in consultation with DoC kiwi researchers
  • After leaving CWA I was contracted (at the request of the BNZ) to write and develop new sections as required - most recently the section on Kiwi Evolution.
kiwi at night

Oh boy - what a site! It was hard to let this one go when I left CWA as I had put so much work and so many of my own ideas into this one. An initially delicate relationship between the various clients became a beautiful thing once I was able to meet with the main man at the BNZ - we got on like a house on fire.

This design was something else - double-framed architecture with a new frameset needed for every page... and an internal search engine - so we played around with the JavaScript and made it a bit simpler. I taught myself how to do frames with this website - certainly an interesting challenge.

Elements of our design were incorporated into printwork (posters and flyers for the Kiwi Recovery Programme) and the Kiwi at Night graphics featured on the BNZ's ATM machines nationwide.


WAMMO PostBeta award 3.5 stars - 6 April 1998
"This is a busy site laden with info including bilingual education kits for school, kiwi news, and more."

SODA award - 30 April 1998
"The frames are used in this instance to help navigation, which they do very well, providing a context sensitive menuing...... and they provide instant recognition of where on the site you currently are. Images have been very well created, with a neat background image used to reinforce what the site is all about ....its purpose is to provide education, which it does very well at several levels."

Computerworld magazine Website of the Week award - 18 May 1998
"This is, in most important respects, the very model of the kind of site it is. It adds value to an existing project, delivers its information simply and smoothly and offers a multitude of pointers to the Internet and beyond. The little brown bird has been well served here."

New Zealand PC World Web Design Awards - 1998
Highly Commended