Healthy Lifestyles

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Size: 500 pages, 6MB

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website clients: Wellington College of Education and the Cancer Society

Dates: August 1997 - September 1999

Brief: to work closely with the content creator to design, develop and build a series of online school projects. I designed Smokefree middle and senior, Nutrition junior, middle and senior and Active Lifestyles junior.

My responsibilities included:

  • Close client liaison during the development of each online project
  • Conversion of the client's detailed storyboard into workable web pages
  • Design, look & feel, graphics (hand-drawn in Photoshop), HTML encoding
  • Co-ordination of teacher review meetings for each project and alteration of project pages in response to teacher feedback
  • Client HTML tuition.

Joy Hooper from Wellington College of Education created the storyboards and we developed each section together. I didn't know I could draw before I did this site, and I developed my own naïve style of illustration which fitted well with the target audience.


WAMMO PostBeta award 3 stars - 11 February 1998
"Interactive games feature; maximising the pleasures rather than the ardures of the education process; with the overall aim of increasing young people's understanding and eliminating risks. Nice graphics and user-friendly navigation."