asTTle - Assessment Tools for Teaching & Learning


Link: no longer online - view screenshots

Size: 10 pages

My professional status: contractor at CWA New Media

Website clients: Ministry of Education and University of Auckland

Dates: November 2004

Brief: to create a new design for the updated asTTle site as part of CWA's Te Kete Ipurangi portal website. asTTle is an educational resource for assessing literacy and numeracy (in both English and Māori) developed for the Ministry of Education by the University of Auckland.

This site was housed within the main TKI template. As such it was subject to the same rules for templating as the rest of TKI, which was written in XHTML/XML and uses CSS-only formatting.

My responsibilities included:

  • Design of the website using the new asTTle branding as an initial inspiration
  • Ensuring that my design was possible within CWA's strict XHTML/XML template for TKI, and ensuring that the site would be fully accessible and easily navigable
  • Ensuring that my design was achievable using TKI's CSS-only layout
  • Designing a clear and effective sidebar navigation system to include two levels of navigation.

The existing site needed updating to reflect the new branding of asTTle. I selected colours and design elements from asTTle's new information flyer and developed these into a website design which is both sympathetic to the new branding, and adds some unique elements of its own. I love the colours in this site.