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WebWeaver ProductionsWelcome to WebWeaver Productions

My name is Alison Green. Welcome to my portfolio - and to the home of WebWeaver Productions.

  • Toyota

    Toyota (contract work, Proximity)

    HTML5 templates, CSS (including CSS3 and SCSS), accessibility compliance, browser testing. Find out more.

  • Radio New Zealand

    Radio New Zealand (contract work, Radio New Zealand)

    Design development, HTML5 templates, CSS (including CSS3 and LESS), jQuery, e-govt and accessibility compliance to a very high level, testing, QA (in-house custom-built CMS). Find out more.

  • Kirkaldie & Stains

    Kirkaldie & Stains (contract work, Heyday)

    HTML5 templates, CSS (including CSS3 and LESS), some of the jQuery; integrating my new code into Silverstripe, building the CMS's layout and include files; accessibility compliance, testing, QA (Silverstripe CMS). Find out more.

  • Sorted

    Sorted (contract work, Chrometoaster)

    XHTML templates, pure CSS (including CSS3), jQuery, e-govt and accessibility compliance, testing, QA (Drupal CMS). Find out more.

    Bronze medallist, Best Awards 2012 - Best Interactive Design - Large Scale Websites

  • Wellington Batucada

    Wellington Batucada (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Design development, HTML/CSS complete rebuild and restyling WordPress theme, jQuery, content-writing and editing, photo and video archiving, content-loading, testing, QA and ongoing webmastering (WordPress CMS). Find out more.

  • WellingtonNZ

    WellingtonNZ (contract work, Chrometoaster)

    XHTML/CSS, jQuery integration, graphics, e-govt/accessibility compliance (Drupal CMS). Find out more.

    2011 ONYAs finalist - Most outstanding website

  • Te Rito Wellington

    Te Rito Wellington (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Logo design, client liaison, project management, scoping, information architecture, site schematics, selection and re-styling of the WordPress theme, CSS, jQuery, some PHP wrangling, building the skeleton site, testing, CMS training, QA and ongoing support, some content production management, writing and editing (WordPress CMS). Find out more.

  • Museums Wellington

    Museums Wellington (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Project management, information architecture, design development, HTML/CSS, jQuery, e-govt/accessibility compliance, testing, skeleton site build, training, QA, ongoing support (Silverstripe CMS). Find out more.

  • Holmes Consulting Group

    Holmes Consulting Group (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Project management, information architecture, moodboards, design, XHTML/CSS, jQuery, accessibility compliance, content-loading, testing, training, QA, ongoing support (SilverStripe CMS). Find out more.

  • Environmental Protection Authority

    Environmental Protection Authority (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Project management, information architecture, HTML/CSS, jQuery, e-govt/accessibility compliance, site build and content-coding, testing, ongoing support (Dreamweaver templates). Find out more.

    2010 ONYAs finalist - Best accessibility and Best use of HTML & CSS

  • CreditSights

    CreditSights (contract work, Optimation)

    Design development, XHTML/CSS, partial template re-build, graphics, jQuery, re-design and re-build of CMS editing pages, accessibility compliance, bug-fixing (asp.net development environment). Find out more.

  • Optimation

    Optimation (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Project management, information architecture, XHTML/CSS, jQuery, accessibility compliance, QA, training, ongoing support (SilverStripe CMS). Find out more.

    2010 ONYAs finalist - Best use of HTML & CSS

  • Ministry for the Environment

    Ministry for the Environment (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Project management, information architecture, schematics, HTML/CSS, jQuery and Javascript, e-govt/accessibility compliance, testing, ongoing support (Dreamweaver templates). Find out more.

  • Cavalier Bremworth

    Cavalier Bremworth (contract work, DNA)

    XHTML/CSS, graphics, jQuery, accessibility compliance, handover liaison (bespoke .net CMS). Find out more.

  • Historic Places Trust

    Historic Places Trust (employee, Shift)

    XHTML/CSS, graphics, e-govt/accessibility compliance, handover documentation (Sitecore CMS). Find out more.

  • The Gathering Archives

    The Gathering Archives (freelance work, WebWeaver Productions)

    Scoping, information architecture, web design, HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver templates, graphics, maintenance, content development and writing, project management, e-govt/accessibility compliance, WordPress blog. Find out more.

    2010 ONYAs finalist - Best content (personal)

WebWeaver Productions is a small group of award-winning web professionals who work together on a wide range of website design and development projects. Between collaborative projects we do contract and freelance work for many of New Zealand's largest and best-known web design companies. We're passionate about the web, and bring a high level of expertise, professionalism and perfectionism to all our work.

I created WebWeaver Productions in 1996, and I use this website as a portfolio of many of the web projects I've been involved in as a contractor and employee since then. In 2007 I began collaborating with other freelancers and WebWeaver became the informal collective it is today.

Do you need a website?Do you need a website?

WebWeaver Productions specialise in web design and development - creating websites which are accessible to all, good to look at and easy to use. We design your web site so that your users get what they came for, and so that you achieve your marketing and promotion goals.

Does your company need its own website? Or do you have a website that needs an update or a redesign? Would you like to explore what having an internet presence can do for you? We'll work together to develop your ideas and explore the range of possibilities.

Designer Sue Quigley, programmer Tom St George and I have a combined 44 years in the web industry, and we pride ourselves on creating great-looking websites that are easy to use and which achieve your goals and those of your visitors.

As we generally work on a single site at a time, we are able to focus our complete attention on you and your website, and our customer service is exceptional.

We love working on beautifully-designed websites, turning those designs into reality, and exceeding your expectations in every way.

The majority of our websites are built within a Content Management System (CMS), so once the site is online you can edit and add to it yourself. We provide CMS training and can also help with content-loading if you wish.

Contact us on the numbers below, or send us an email. We can arrange a time to meet and discuss your site. Find out more about having your own website.

...or a web designer/developer?Do you need a web designer/developer?

I also work as a contractor and freelancer with Wellington web design companies and government departments. I specialise in information architecture, web design, web development (HTML, XHTML, CSS), jQuery and Flash - creating accessible, user-friendly, fully validated sites. I also write for the web and am a quick and accurate proof-reader.

Are you looking for a highly experienced contractor who writes perfect code and can fit into your team with minimal input from you?

I can help reduce your workload efficiently and rapidly. I design and build beautiful, highly functional websites, developing these into fully-tested, working-perfectly sites on-time and within budget.

I have designed, developed and/or maintained over 250 web sites in 17 years - contracting and/or working for design and development companies including Badger Communications, Base Two, Chrometoaster, Codec/SYL, Communication Arts, Cue Design, CWA New Media, Datacraft, Designworks, DNA, Fairfax, Fronde, Heyday, inov8, Insight Consultants, Learning Media, Mission Hall, Optimation, Origin Design, Oryx Technologies, Pikselin, Plan A, Proximity, Shift, Topaz Solutions and Vertigo Design.

I have built a large number of government websites over the years, with more than 50 government projects in my portfolio. I have a strong understanding of, and appreciation for, e-government web standards, and apply them to all the sites I build.

I have a perfectionist's eye for detail and strive for excellence in everything I do. In 2007 I was a member of the New Zealand team in the inaugural international website building competition, FullCodePress - which we won.

Contact me on the numbers below, or send me an email. We can arrange a time to meet and discuss your needs. Find out more about contracting me.

WebWeaver Productions